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Insani Qayamat

Insani Qayamat Novel By Aleem-Ul Haq Haqi PDF Free Download

January 1, 20242 minute read

Insani Qayamat Novel By Aleem-Ul Haq Haqi is a novel written in the English language, in which Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi describes many hidden realities in his own words and looks at Pakistani society. Some readers are still looking for this novel in English but now you can get out of trouble and get this novel full in Urdu language for free.

Little About This Novel (انسانی قیامت):

By the way, this novel is for those who like scary stories, but reading this novel will strike fear in the minds of some and some people will see the spirit of bravery in themselves. A lot of people (being a part of Satan’s party) are very happy to trouble people and make fun of people every moment, such people are seen hypothetically in this novel. Not far away, we can find people in our own family who are very fond of laughing at people’s sufferings, but they don’t like their stupidity.

Insani Qayamat By Aleem-Ul Haq Haqi Free Download PDF

About This Novelist/Writer (علیم الحق حقی):

There are more than 105 novels of (علیم الحق حقی) in the Urdu language which are available for free in this internet world according to your interest. Considering the reasonable words, let’s say that these writers are the owners of these skills because many writers do not reveal their past.

Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi started his writing career 30 years ago and in his lifetime gained fame with his talent in many dramas, wrote Urdu poetry, and amazed people with novels. A few years after the beginning of his field the writer had to face a very dark time but due to his experience, Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi achieved a very high position.

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