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Bharat Toot Jaye Ga

Bharat Toot Jaye Ga Novel By Tariq Ismail Sagar In PDF

January 1, 20243 minute read

Bharat Toot Jaye Ga Famous Urdu Novel was loved not only by the people of Pakistan but also in India. In this novel, a very interesting and excellent story has been kept in mind, which has forced everyone to read/know it. Generally, the price of novels is not more than 1000 rupees, but this novel is being sold for 4500 rupees on a famous platform. Even in this modern era, buying a book with a huge budget is not good and it is not possible, so we are providing it here for free.

Little About This Novel (بھارت ٹوٹ جائے گا):

The author has mentioned the war of freedom going on in India where the Muslims couldn’t get protection. The day and night activities of famous lawyer and great personality Quad e Azam and Dr. Iqbal exposed many secrets about India and planned to give Muslims a separate homeland. Tariq Ismail tried to explain the stage of independence in the Urdu language in his way and said that India is a multicultural country. Despite Pakistan being a separate homeland, there are still hundreds of cultural groups in India who live by adopting different customs and traditions.

Famous Urdu Novel Bharat Toot Jaye Ga By Tariq Ismail Sagar

Here’s a fun lesson right now. Follow the links below to read our novel for free. If you prefer to read Pakistan’s Independence, Historical, Religious, and Political Novels, then you will not find a better writer than Ismail. You can get all his novels from us for free. Pakistan’s famous TV channel commented on his being a political analyst and built a bridge of appreciation, which shows that he is a true and pure experienced writer.

About This Novelist/Writer (طارق اسماعیل ساگر):

Tariq Ismail, born in 1952, is the most famous writer in Pakistan, whose hard work day and night not only earned him respect but also made the name of Pakistan very bright. Many people understand the Urdu language and therefore why Urdu novels are also liked in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Knowing the life of Tariq Ismail, everyone is surprised at how a soldier became a screenwriter, novelist, writer, and author thanks to his natural abilities. Even today we see Tariq Ismail playing his role in many old dramas.

Tariq Ismail was not a writer but he was a soldier in the army. After their retirement, he started a career as a writer. Tariq Ismail used to work in the intelligence sector of the army and used to reveal the secrets of the enemies at this large level. The war conditions on which he writes novels are completely based on reality and knowing them increases the knowledge immensely. Apart from Urdu, he wrote in English language and made the readers think deeply.

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