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Wo Yaqeen Ka Aik Naya Safar

Farhat Ishtiaq Novel Wo Yaqeen Ka Aik Naya Safar In PDF

August 20, 20233 minute read

Farhat Ishtiaq is a famous and experienced Urdu writer, she recently published after completing the novel Wo Yaqeen Ka Aik Naya Safar. Due to its importance, this novel did not reach people who wanted to get it for free. But at this time we are providing everyone the best easy facility to download this novel for free. For those who are still unable to get this novel for free, we are the best source to get this successful word-based writing style of Farhat for free.

Little About This Novel (وہ یقین کا ایک نیا سفر):

This novel contains the life of an oppressed girl, Sobia Khalil, and Asfandiar Khan. Sobia is a well-educated girl and under some compulsion, she has to stay at her relative’s house, but her relatives considered her as their dependent and used to oppress her spiritually. Once, very bad accusations were made on Sobia and Sobia was upset to such an extent that she left the house and went far away. This girl, who leaves home and lives in the outside world, agrees to meet a boy, Isfandiar Khan. By the way, this boy Isfandiar Khan was also a proud person but he had a very good heart. Both this boy and Sobia become good friends and both of them start getting to know each other.

Their friendship starts and both talk to each other about a very good romantic life. If we tell you about the novel beyond that, you will not enjoy reading the novel. That’s why we are ending here. You can read the complete novel online or download it for free in PDF form with the help of the link below.

Wo Yaqeen Ka Aik Naya Safar Free

About This Novelist/Writer (فرحت اشتیاق):

It is said that the Urdu novel was introduced in Pakistan by some important personalities/writers. Umera Ahmed, Nimra Ahmed, Farhat Ishtiaq, and Banu Qudsia were among the people who first started the culture of writing Urdu novels, and today many writers are being born under their patronage. Some writers focus only on one thing but Farhat Ishtiaq writes many books/plays/stories etc along with novels so we don’t find many of her novels in the library. After his 17 Years of writing experience, he has the title of being the most reliable/pure/famous novelist in Pakistan. They have not thousands but millions of fans including the young generation, married and old people because they publish content/writing that is readable by everyone.

Basically, Farhat was becoming an engineer, she also holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering. He was born on (June 23, 1980) and from the beginning, he was very fond of reading and writing. But after completing engineering in 2005, he gave up his intention to study/study further and showed interest in writing. Since 2005, Farhat has been busy writing and has told the secrets of her career and success on many TV channels. If one agrees to read Farhat’s novel for the first time, he goes deep enough and then tries to know his style/ability.

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Like this novelist, we have many more experienced writers. Well, a large number of writers worked hard to make themselves famous, but there are only a few writers who got respect and fame. We don’t have any writers who are famous for the power of social media, but you will find only successful/experienced writers from our free library.

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