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Ehd E Ulfat

Ehd E Ulfat Novel By Mehwish Ali Complete Download In PDF

August 19, 20233 minute read

If you are also on the list of lovers, then this Ehd E Ulfat Novel is specially written by Mehwish for you. By the way, many people read this novel and gave a good response because this novel is centered on the love of a boy and a girl and is exactly in line with the reality of this world. If you want to know a few words about this novel before going deep, then focus on the paragraph below and find Ehd E Ulfat Novel Summary.

Little About This Novel (عہد الفت):

It is a very common impression that any young person who goes to college is very far away from studies. A similar story that turns this into reality is found in this novel. A young girl Taqwa, who has recently matriculated from school, is going to college and wants to set her future. But as soon as she is in college for one to two months, she falls in love with a boy. With the passage of time, the love relationship between the girl named Taqwa and this boy becomes quite deep/strong. The purpose of the story is not yet known because in this novel, despite being a great love story, there is a discussion on those who are jealous.

This girl named Taqwa has a very good friend whose name is Ayesha. Ayesha is very jealous of her friend Taqwa’s life and keeps on trying to make them angry. Gradually, this girl Ayesha talks to both of them in such a way that problems start to arise between them. The story of the novel has very good and is based on reality, so people liked it and appreciated it. After knowing the novel summary you will have more interest in reading the complete novel.

Ehd E Ulfat Novel Free Download & Read In PDF

About This Novelist/Writer (مہوش علی):

It is not new for most people to know about Mehwish Ali. Because Mehwish Ali is not a new novelist but an old and experienced novelist who has been writing novels for more than 5 Years. He not only wrote novels in a new style for 5 years but also tried to learn and improve his skills all the time. He has written many important/famous novels to date like Dasht E Wehshat, Ehd E Ulfat, Eid Sang E Mohabbat, Intehai Junooniyat, and Junoon Ulfat. Some of the writers do not have good initial writing and they learn from many mistakes in the beginning. But the first novels written by Mehwish also got a lot of popularity and Mehwish soon became popular among people.

Read Novel Online (Free)

Whether you download Ehd E Ulfat Novel or read it online, you will get it in HD quality in PDF. You might be thinking that then we will need a lot of storage to download, but not so. This novel contains hd quality and low MBs.

Download In PDF (Free)


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