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Noor Ki Yalghar

Noor Ki Yalghar Novel By Tahir Javed Mughal Complete Download

August 19, 20234 minute read

This Noor Ki Yalghar Novel By Tahir Javed Mughal contains more than 150 Pages, we are giving it to everyone for free. We provide all expensive and cheap novels for free to those who are worried about a tight budget. Although this novel sold in the market for 900 Rupees, whoever tried to come to us, his budget saved. Those who are connected with us are aware of our Merciful reward. Let’s go down and get this novel along with important information.

Little About This Novel (نور کی یلغار):

A young generation of novel readers gives importance to romance novels. Similar married women prefer to read family/social novels, but many people manage time for Islamic/religious and historical novels. If any of you are interested in history novels, then this novel is very important for you. But even if you don’t like to read such historical novels, still as a Muslim reading this novel will create passion in you. If you read the history of Muslims, you will find many great military commanders who defeated the threat of disbelief in the religion of Islam, among whom we also find a great name Muhammad bin Qasim. Remembering these enviable personalities, Tahir Javed Mughal wrote this novel.

This novel is not only narrating a true story but Noor Ki Yalghar novel is a matter of pride for Muslims. Narrating the history of the Indian sub-continent, Muhammad bin Qasim plays an important role in this novel, whose aggression and bravery set a great example. During the reign of Muhammad bin Qasim, whenever bad times came for Islam and Muslims, Muhammad bin Qasim along with his army decided to sacrifice his life for the religion of Islam and earned a great title at a very young age. Apart from this, a special novel has been written about this great personality. You can also get a complete Muhammad Bin Qasim Novel.

Historical Novel Noor Ki Yalghar By Tahir Javed Mughal PDF

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About This Novelist/Writer (طاہر جاوید مغل):

Each writer is known for his/her skills/talent. And Tahir Javed Mughal is a great writer who has good skills in writing crime, history, and Islam-based novels. Every novel reader/writer remembers Tahir Javed as a good name because of his great talent. Tahir Javed Mughal was born on November 4, 1955, in Lahore and settled in Allama Iqbal Town. From the beginning, he was waiting for a master’s degree in psychology, but due to his economic condition, he could not fulfill his dreams finally. After living in the depth of many thoughts, he started writing novels/dramas/poems/teachings, etc. If we cover more of his life, we get very amazing Disclosures Like his father used to deal in furniture and building. But he changed the thinking of his family by taking an interest in education.

Noor Ki Yalghar Read & Download

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We cannot read this novel completely in a day or two because it contains quite a lot of pages. If you want ease, you can download it and bookmark it and read it daily. Otherwise, you can also read from here with our help.

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Some of you might be confused if you read online. But don’t worry because all the content of “NovelsLibrary” is also available on our official page on Facebook. If you also like to read more novels by Tahir Javed, we will provide you to read and download each novel in PDF format for free.

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