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Faslon Ka Zehar

Faslon Ka Zehar Novel By Tahir Javed Mughal Free PDF

August 18, 20234 minute read

Tahir Javed writes Faslon Ka Zehar Novel with more interest and according to reality. While there are many enemies of the country in this era, there are also many patriotic people. We are providing this novel by Tahir Javed Mughal for free and you will enjoy reading it. If you want to know the purpose of the story, read the paragraph below and know Faslon Ka Zehar Novel summary.

Little About This Novel (فاصلوں کا زہر):

People who love their country but are living in another country will like this novel very much. This novel is not based on the girl’s love but on the distance of being away from Pakistan. A young man was shown who was born in Pakistan but due to some compulsion, he had to shift to England with his family. This moment was very tough/difficult for him but he always remembered his country Pakistan. Time passes and finally, after many years, he gets a chance to come to his country Pakistan. Now it became more difficult for him to leave Pakistan because now two loves were stopping him from going to England. Because when he comes to Pakistan, he gets the love of his country as well as the love of a girl.

But he was also seeing his family, so he had to go back to England. When he went back to England, he got very worried because he was missing the moment he spent in Pakistan. A large number of users liked this novel. Of course, you will also like this novel very much, I have left it below for you to read online and download it in PDF format.

Faslon Ka Zehar Tahir Javed Read & Download

At this time you can only save the novel in your device. Because there is no link to read this novel online anywhere.

About This Novelist/Writer (طاہر جاوید مغل):

Tahir Javed Mughal wrote many novels in his life and despite being a man, he surpassed many famous female novelists. He was born on November 4, 1955, in Lahore and did his graduation from the famous Islamia College of Lahore. The position where Tahir Javed is today was not his task because he is not a writer, but he was famous for master’s degree in psychology due to his busy life, family problems, etc. could not fulfill the desire and today we all know him as the most famous/popular writer who loves Urdu. At the beginning of his career as a writer, Tahir Javed wrote newspapers, fulfilled the demand of people on many topics, and wrote books, novels and many more in his own words.

Read Novel Online (Free)

Most of the users who came under the influence of this novel thought it better to download this novel. So that they can keep the novel forever. But you can click on one of the two links according to your choice and the power of your device. If you want to download then you need to provide some space for this novel on your device.

Download In PDF (Free)


Just as in this novel of Tahir Javed Mughal, we saw the noble love of the country, similarly, there is a link to another such novel below. The novel below is also written by a man. Men writers are better than female writers for writing Crimes-based novels, Islam, and relationship-based novels. But if you like the writing style of a woman, then you will also get it here for free. This novel is the best way to be shy for people who have negative thoughts about their own country.

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