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Inteha E Ishq

Inteha E Ishq By Areej Shah Complete PDF Free

September 3, 20233 minute read

Just as the name of this novel Inteha E Ishq is very attractive, this novel also has a deep impact on the hearts of the readers. By the way, this novel has proved to be the best for practical lovers. But everyone read it with interest and expressed a lot of good wishes.

Little About This Novel (انتہائے عشق):

Some people love and some people work hard against the lover. We see that now there are not only lovers but also many dirty colors in the form of love. The main purpose of this novel is the importance of loved ones and important people. The two main characters who are discussed in this novel are the twin brothers Jazam and Shazam who are deeply in love with each other. If you are interested in reading novels, then you will know that you get to read very few such novels in which love is mentioned, but not the love of a boy or girl, but the love of blood relations. Life also takes a very tough test for both brothers, due to which their life changes completely.

Complete Novel Inteha E Ishq By Areej Shah In PDF

We are providing this beautiful and attractive socio-romantic novel by Areej Shah in PDF format for free. Those who want to download and those who want to read online can return happy from here. Prefer to scroll further and then links will appear in front of you.

About This Novelist/Writer (اریج شاہ):

Many people entered the writing/publishing industry but many personalities could not fulfill their dream of becoming a writer due to lack of experience. Not only are years of experience important for writing, but writers have to put their joy in their work and love their field. This is the reason that today we find many male and female writers in Pakistan who made great history in Pakistan thanks to their talent. Among such writers, we also find the name of Areej Shah, who many years ago took time off from her studies and expressed good wishes for the journey of writing. After a lot of hard work, today she is known as the best writer in Pakistan. Areej wrote many novels throughout his career which were appreciated by millions of people and earned him a lot of prestige.

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