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Soz e Ishq

Soz e Ishq Novel By Misbah Online Reading & Download

September 1, 20233 minute read

We are not only providing you the Soz e Ishq Novel for free but also giving you an opportunity to read an article full of very important information. By the way, we could have provided the novel directly. But the article is very useful in that you get a novel summary, about the author, how to download it. This article has been written keeping in mind all the qualities, below you will find the links for the Soz e Ishq Novel.

Little About This Novel (سوز عشق):

In most of the novels, there are problems with living a married life of two souls, but even after the marriage of a boy and a girl, many problems can arise. A handsome boy, Aidan, who apart from his facial beauty, was the owner a very popular personality, because of his dignity, many people like him. But Aidan had a cousin girl as well, both of them liked each other a lot and he got married to her. With the passage of time, the life of both of them is going very well, but one day there comes a day when Aidan gets a chance to meet a strange girl. This girl likes Aden very much and creates trouble between Aden and his wife.

It is a serious dangerous turn that after the marriage of choice, hatred starts to arise between them. In this novel there is not only a story but also a great lesson for those who understand. In the case of the novel, Misbah is giving priority to married people to live their lives by eliminating problems.

Soz e Ishq Novel By Misbah PDF Free Download

About This Novelist/Writer (مصباح):

Every writer wants to see himself become a high-ranking writer, but this is not possible for everyone because some new writers who start writing without experience do not describe much of reality. This is the reason why people believe in reliable and experienced writers. By the way, Misbah is not a very old writer, but it is correct to call him an experienced, good, reliable, Urdu writer because he writes in such a way that the reader is surprised. For more information, you can also refer to the book written about them. Below are the links to download and read this novel.

Read Novel Online (Free)

Most of these novels are available for download but it is not good for everyone to save the novel on their device. Because every person does not have an extra storage device/gadget you can read online from here.

Download In PDF (Free)


You will feel happy if you download this valuable novel for free. If you want to double your happiness i.e. get more novels for free then you can easily get it from us. So far, Misbah has not written many novels, but the novels he has published so far have all become quite popular. Also, if you are here as a writer, please contact our team. We also have a better platform for writers to publish their talent.

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