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Chalo Toro Qasam Iqrar Karen By Farhat Ishtiaq

Chalo Toro Qasam Iqrar Karen By Farhat Ishtiaq Free Download

June 6, 20234 minute read

Chalo Toro Qasam Iqrar Karen By Farhat Ishtiaq in the novel tells and teaches us about a love in which we are unable to express our feelings. Then, as a result of being silent for a long time, we have a lot of difficulty. For a more short summary of this novel, read the paragraph below to get familiar with the plot of the story. To know the excellent story of this novel, download this novel or read it online without downloading it from the link below.

Little About This Novel (بدلہ میرے ہمراز کا رنگ):

In Pakistani society, people still belong to a joint family, due to which many problems and fights arise. A similar story is present in this novel which describes a girl who lived in a joint family. In this family, there is a boy named Umar who went to earn money abroad. After many years, the boy returns to his home. All the members of the family loved this boy named Umar very much because he was the only child of his parents. But this girl hated this boy very much, but when Umar left Pakistan and went abroad, this girl felt a lot of feelings in her heart. This story is very interesting and worth reading with focus.

Basically, the purpose of this novel (بدلہ میرے ہمراز کا رنگ) is to make us aware of the feelings of those people whom we love, but we take too long to understand them. Due to this, we have a lot of trouble and sorrow in life. This story leaves a very lasting impression on the heart of the reader and teaches us a very important lesson. If you like opening stories, you must read this novel. But even if you don’t read the opening novels, you must be curious to read this novel. Scroll down and download and read it from the friendly link.

Download & Read Chalo Toro Qasam Iqrar Karen By Farhat Ishtiaq

Chalo Toro Qasam Iqrar Karen By Farhat Ishtiaq Novel download and read online the link here. Below the paragraph written about Farhat, there are links to this novel. From where the novel will be downloaded in Mediafire and read in PDF format.

About This Novelist/Writer (فرحت اشتیاق):

Farhat Ishtiaq’s novel is still very popular. By the way, it has been a long time since this novel was published. Farhat Ishtiaq’s novels are being read with much love these days. If you too have not been in the sea of love and your partner is expressing displeasure with you, then you must read this novel. Pakistani society nowadays is very much stuck in the madness after which Farhat Ishtiaq has written many novels. Farhat writes novels on love, Islamic, educational, social, religious, and many topics in which we gain a lot of knowledge. Of course, you will also like their words.

Read Novel Online (Free)

If you want to download so you need to click on the below link for download. After clicking on Download In PDF (Free) you will go to the next page and then you will select the folder where you want to have your novel.

Download In PDF (Free)


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