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Dast e Betalab Main Phool Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir

Dast e Betalab Main Phool Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir Download

June 5, 20233 minute read

This beautiful Dast e Betalab Main Phool Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir comes in third place in the list of most popular novels of Ifat Sehar Tahir because it is a very popular novel. Earlier, when this novel was published, it was sold at high prices in the market. But anyone who came here would get it for free. If you also want to get this novel free of cost in pdf so then you need to go below at this post.

Little About This Novel (دست بے طلب میں پھول):

In the plot of Dast e Betalab’s Main Phool Novel, we see a boy who spends his youth wandering instead of devoting it to some good work. The reason for this is that this boy belongs to a very rich family and every wish is fulfilled sitting at home. He falls in love with a beautiful girl Roma in his life. Surprisingly, he doesn’t love only one soul. The love story of this boy and this girl Roma becomes so strong that both of them talk to each other about their wedding journey but on the same day, this boy meets another girl who is known as Zareen. He also falls in love with this girl. Here a question arises how can such two souls have true love?

Now the situation arises that this boy becomes very confused that how will I live with both loves. The purpose of this novel is to highlight the importance of relationships. Let me tell you that the purpose of this novel is also to make girls understand something valuable. Our relationships also play an important role in making life happy. After all the explanations, about 70 Pages of this novel are counted.

Dast e Betalab Main Phool Novel By Iffat Sehar Tahir In PDF

If we study the life of a famous Urdu personality (عفت سحر طاہر) well, we get many surprising revelations. In the aspect of her past life, Ifta Sahar Tahir endured many difficulties, first of all, (Anxiety about not famous her talent), and the problem of not having a budget with which to be famous her talent. He got help from Facebook and tried to reach people with his skills. After many years of hard work, Ifat Sahar Tahir finally saw herself on the list of one of the most famous novelists of Pakistan and expressed her happiness. Many TV channels invited this writer to their show every year and tried to ask him the secret to more success in his life.

Read Novel Online (Free)

Ifat Sahar Tahir’s 70-Page novel does not require much space to download on your device. But whether you have low-storage Android mobile or a computer/laptop, even then you can easily download this novel.

Download In PDF (Free)


In the important words box, we will ask you about your journey. Did you download the novel from here and how was your journey? Do you want to get more novels from our site? Also if you want a novel by the same novelist or a novel by another writer like Maut Ki Wadi, Mohabbat Rabt Hai, Tawaif Zaat Hai Meri or any other novel then search on the same website home page and also you can visit our Facebook page. All the novels presented by us can be downloaded and read on computers, laptops, as well as Android mobile phones because all novels contain reasonable MBs.

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