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Ya Khuda By Qudratullah Shahab

Ya Khuda By Qudratullah Shahab PDF Free Download

March 28, 20233 minute read

By the way, we explain a happy novel but this Ya Khuda By Qudratullah Shahab is a very sad novel because this writer explains the very sad story of the time when Pakistan will divide into a separate country.

Little About This Novel:

In this novel, Qudratullah Shahab described the historical journey of those people who put their lives in the palm of their hands and decided to migrate. On 14 August 1947, when the decision was made to create a separate country for Pakistan, millions of people left their ancestral homes and created great enthusiasm. During this journey, Hindus killed millions of people and tried to touch the honor of mothers and sisters. Surely you will like the story of this novel. The author (Qudratullah Shahab) wrote many such novels, one of which is the best novel. Let’s find out more about the book in question, “Or God”.

By the way, we hear about such incidents from our elders, but in this novel, we can find out about the migration journey in depth. By the way, today’s young generation is not interested in knowing such things from their elders, but you will find out well in this novel.

About This Novelist (قدرت اللہ شہاب):

Perhaps you have heard before that this novelist is skilled in writing all kinds of novels. Jin has the honor of writing every type of novel from educational to social novels. Mostly you have read novels by women novelists but this novelist is a male novelist named Qudratullah Shahab. Qudratullah Shahab honed his natural talent and then stepped into the world of novels with a strong will. And with the passage of time, now they are holding a strong position.

There is no such person who reads the novel who is not familiar with Qudratullah Shihab. He has lived in the world of novels for a long time and not only writes novels but also guides many new writers about writing skills. If you are not familiar with the famous novelist Qudratullah Shahab, read his novel with focus.

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Download & Read Online Novel Ya Khuda By Qudratullah Shahab In PDF.

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Often we also tell more novels in our last words but if you want more novels of Qudratullah Shahab you can get them for free now many novels of Qudratullah Shahab are not published on this website but very soon Qudratullah Shahab You will find all the novel covers on this website for free whether you download or just read. The reason for this book’s widespread popularity is its tried-and-true story as well as its great author which is seen with value in Pakistan.

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