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Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum by Malaika Rafi

Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum by Malaika Rafi Download

April 10, 20233 minute read

By following our instructions, you will be able to download and read Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum by Malaika Rafi online by clicking on the link below. The novel can be read in both ways (both Offline & Online). You will choose the link you want. (Click on both links if you want).

Little About This Novel (تم سے جو محبت کر بیٹھے ہم):

In the story of the novel Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy, a problem arises when a boy and a girl get married, which is due to the selfishness of the boy. This marriage was not happening because of any love, but it was happening because of the boy’s desire, but the girl was unaware of this. This boy is a purposeful boy who gave great importance to his goals and dreams. But the girl loved this boy with all her heart. This girl was completely unaware that the boy would treat me like this. The story of this novel exactly mirrors our society. You will like this novel very much. Stay connected with this story and scroll down to read the full story and scroll down so that you can read this novel online or download it from below.

Before downloading Thirye Tum Se Jo Mohabbat Kar Bethy Hum by Malaika Rafi, focus on one thing and keep in mind that you will get to download this novel not in Google Drive but in Mediafire. Because it is more useful to download this novel in Mediafire. In this, you have to go to a new tab after one click and then you will download from there. Don’t worry, as always, this novel is very easy to download. Let’s go below to after necessary instructions for downloading this novel.

About This Novelist (ملائکہ رفیع):

After reading Malaika Rafi’s novel, we really know that we have read the words of a respected person and know the facts of life that we see around us. Such as many social, social, and religious problems, which we see in our daily life. In this novel by Malaika Rafi, we have seen the reflection of society. Similarly, there is no such novel by Malaika Rafi in which we do not get an important lesson along with a tested story. This is the reason why many important and busy people including our team recommend reading his novel. Read this novel and tell us how you liked the novel.

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