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Shatir Novel By Iqbal Kazmi Free Download PDF

December 4, 20232 minute read

Shatir Novel is a Short Crime Thriller Urdu Novel for which you are at the right place to get a PDF for free. Often Urdu novels contain many pages and cannot be read in one sitting, but this Shatir novel has only 174 Pages. Let’s run down and get this novel as soon as possible and start reading.

Little About This Novel (شاطر):

Iqbal Kazmi wrote this novel with his experience and expressed his views on the investigation of a case. Catching the murderer of the murder in San Francisco was becoming difficult day by day, which was a very negative role for the police. The killer with his skill did not leave a single evidence due to which the police were wondering how to catch the killer.

Shatir Novel By Iqbal Kazmi In PDF

Now you know only a few sentences about this novel, you have to read it completely. The complete novel is in the form of two links below so that you can read it online and download it.

About This Novelist/Writer (اقبال کاظمی):

Iqbal Kazmi (who wrote the famous novel Shatar and saw a huge rise in his popularity) is an attractive, reliable, experienced Urdu writer. Here we provide novels of Iqbal Kazmi and many other writers which are provided to everyone for free. Iqbal Kazmi was born 7 years after the creation of Pakistan and after gaining a long experience emerged as a reliable writer of Pakistan.

Read Novel Online (Free)


Download In PDF (Free)


By removing all the difficult ways we provide the novel if you are satisfied then you can share your opinion in the form of a comment. If you also want to connect with us and get updates of every novel then follow our page on Facebook. Also, remember our platform and get free from us instead of buying timely novels. We look forward to your kind comments as the popular narrative of this durable novel is lost in the delight of users.

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