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Red Ishq

Red Ishq Complete Novel By Kainat Ijaz PDF Download

August 16, 20233 minute read

Many people want to download Red Ishq Complete Novel for free. Because to the extent that this novel became famous, it did not get a chance to come out of the market. There are two main reasons for the popularity of this novel: its author is also very good/popular and secondly, the effect of this novel also increased its fame. According to the survey, it was found that this emerging novel of Kainat Ijaz was downloaded by more than 70 Thousand people and gave a good response. You can also download it from here.

But if you want to know something about this novel before downloading then you have to read the below paragraph. Some novels are based on a story different from the name, so we should write the story before each novel so that the reader knows its importance and saves time. Pay attention to the paragraph below.

Little About This Novel (لال /ریڈ عشق):

The story of this novel with a unique name is also quite different in that it tells the story of three friends. These three friends named Hania, Larib, and Hare studied together in college and were very loyal to each other. But many people were jealous of their very good friendship and many people tried to break their friendship. In this touching novel by Kainat Ijaz, there is a very good choice of words which not only makes us interested in reading the Red Ishq novel but also gives us solutions to many problems.

Red Ishq Novel By Kainat Ijaz PDF

Here you will get a chance to get the novel in two ways. If you don’t have a device with high storage, you will get a link to read the novel online. But if you prefer to keep the novel with you, then below is the download link for you.

About This Novelist/Writer (کائنات اعجاز):

By the way, the writer we are going to talk about is not a very old writer, but from her style of writing, she looks like a very old and very experienced writer. When this novel was published in 2021, Kainat Ijaz gained more fame. The fact is that Kainat studied the writing style of Pakistan’s most successful Urdu writers before starting his writing journey and started writing after a few years of studentship. Remember that it is not enough to take our opinion to know about this author. If you read her novels, you will have more awareness of her abilities and you will also be able to think about her with your own mind. From here you can read the novel for free and download it in PDF format.

Read Novel Online (Free)


  • Need 1 Click for download.
  • After Clicking select the device folder.
  • The file Size is very Normal.
  • The novel is available in PDF Format.
  • Will be easily downloaded to every gadget.
  • Check your internet connection if the Novel is not downloading.
  • Otherwise, you can contact our team.

Download In PDF (Free)


Just as you saw the popularity of this novel and got it from here for free, we can also provide you with more such novels. In 2023, with the immense power of the Internet, some writers became famous due to their poor writing skills, whose style of writing was tried to be sold in the market. But our team refrains from publishing the skills of all such fake writers on this platform. We have only reliable writers including not only female writers but also men.

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