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Oonch Neech Ka Pahar

Oonch Neech Ka Pahar Novel By Umme Taifoor In PDF

October 24, 20232 minute read

By reading Oonch Neech Ka Pahar Novel By Umme Taifoor we can relive the beautiful memories of our childhood once again. Oonch Neech Ka Pahar is a popular poem that was recited/sung during the game. If you are also unable to buy this novel from the market and want to get it for free, then do not leave us until the end.

Little About This Novel (اونچ نیچ کا پہاڑ):

The novel was written with very deep words, it sheds light on the relationship between family, parents, and children while looking at the society of Pakistan. Basically, this novel is for parents who fail to train their children. The failure of children in Pakistan is due to the training of parents who think one child is better than another, due to which the child suffering from the sea of insults becomes a psychotic patient. According to science, we should encourage our children even when they are young so that they can recognize their potential.

Oonch Neech Ka Pahar Novel By Umme Taifoor Free

About This Novelist/Writer (ام طیفور):

A lot of people read Urdu novels in Pakistan, but (ام طیفور) may be a new name for many readers because we have not discussed them much before. But if we go deeper, it is known that Umme Taifoor is also a benefactor of Pakistan and has a lot of valuable talents. Everyone is being advised to read Umme Taifoor novels because she also writes well and works to help the readers with her words. You can download this Novel to find out whether all the words about him were based on facts so far. Our presented novels are written by reliable authors only so that all the readers connected with us get a good experience.

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Not only Taifoor’s novel but his other novels are also attractive. If you have any difficulty in getting free novels from us, please inform us. We don’t want it to be difficult for you, considering the tragedy of providing convenience to our customers. Its novel is very attractive most people appreciate this if you also like these novels you can follow us.

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