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Namal Novel By Nimra Ahmed

Namal Novel By Nimra Ahmed PDF Download & Read Online

February 24, 20233 minute read

By downloading the Namal Novel By Nimra Ahmed PDF you can know the story of this novel. You get this novel not for money like the market, but for free, even if you download it 10 times. Namal novel has been searched and read by a large number of people. There is a very serious story in this novel.

Little About This Novel:

The novel Namal written by Nimra Ahmed (نمرہ احمد) contains some brutal murders and hideous deceptions. In this story, we find an officer who was an intelligence officer but was accused of killing his half-brother and his wife. But the officer was guiltless and so disturbed that Killing is a far cry he could not think of such an act. But after some time everyone started to believe in the officer’s innocence. His nephew named Sadi Yusuf was the first to believe in the officer’s innocence. And then the officer came out of jail after being proven innocent. Read more to know the depth of this novel.

Namal Novel By Nimra Ahmed PDF Free & Read Online

Links are available to both download and read the novel. Apart from Namal, you can get other novels by Nimra Ahmed for free, including Pahari Ka Qaidi, Apni Ungli, Mushaf, Wo Mera Hai, and many others novels. Nimra Ahmed is a very old writer. Nowadays, there are many novelists, but Nimra Ahmed has been engaged in the world of novels for a long time. If get the novel without downloading then we have to pay a Budget of 1500 in the market.

About Novelist Nimra Ahmed (نمرہ احمد):

There is hardly any novelist who has as much experience as Nimra Ahmed. Nimra Ahmed is not one of today’s writers but Nimra has been engaged in the world of novels for a long time. In the beginning, people were not very fond of her novels, but with time, Nimra improved her writing skills and now millions of people like to read Nimra’s novels. Everyone who is fond of reading novels must know Nimra Ahmed. Nimra was born on 23 October 1980 in Lahore city of Pakistan. After some period of his life, he thought and decided to write a novel.

(Read Novel Online) (Free)

Namal Novel By Nimra Ahmed online reading. This link is for non-downloaders who only want to read. By clicking on this link, a new tab will open in which you will find the entire novel and you can read the novel easily.

Download In PDF (Free)

Here is the link to get the full PDF of the novel. You can download the Namal novel on your mobile, computer, or laptop by clicking on it. If the space is less on the mobile, then you can read it alone. It is not very necessary that you can able to read after downloading.


Both the links to read and download this novel and the novel is virus free. No need to worry if you download it on any device. Our team has done proper work and after then adding the novel to this list. You have talent but do not have a platform for publishing your talent so you can also contact us. We will fully guide and support you so that you can publish your talent like these novelists.

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