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Mohabbat Nagar Novel By Fatima Ahmed

Mohabbat Nagar Novel By Fatima Ahmed PDF Download

June 10, 20233 minute read

Well, Fatima is a new novelist, but after reading Mohabbat Nagar Novel By Fatima Ahmed, it seems as if we are reading the novel of an experienced novelist. You can also download or read this novel in PDF for free from here and find out what the skills of this new novelist are and how she ensures the writing of the novel by choosing such words.

Little About This Novel (محبت نگر):

Mohabbat Nagar’s novel presents the face of a boy who was a resident of a beautiful village in Mardan and was born into a very rich family in which luxury facilities were available. In the light of his royalty, he fell in love with a girl who did not belong to a very rich family like him. But he also fights a war along with love in his life which starts with the death of his twin sister. There are many twists and turns in his life, from which he suffers from a very sad life instead of his luxurious life. From the spirit of this novel, we get a lot of tried and tested lessons, go down to get this novel in full PDF. Because below are available links and you have to go down to download this novel and read it online.

About This Novelist/Writer (فاطمہ احمد):

If you are one of those who read novels daily then surely you must be wondering who is this novelist then know that she is a new novelist who recently completed her studies and has dreamed is now make a successful novelist. She is working hard to fulfill her dream (make a professional Urdu novelist). When you read his novels, you will also like his style of writing and narration. Well, Fatima Ahmed does not have much experience, but still she tries to write novels like good writers. His style of writing is clear proof of his becoming a reliable writer in the future. Read (فاطمہ احمد) novel and tell us how you found Fatima Ahmed’s abilities. To get more of his novels, search on the same website and on our Facebook page.

Read Novel Online (Free)

If you want to download it in pdf so then try to one click and the Mohabbat Nagar Novel By Fatima Ahmed will be auto download on your device.

Download In PDF (Free)


This novel became very popular and surely you will also like it, especially if you have ever felt a shock of love. Then surely you will be eager to read such novels. To get more similar novels, you can search on the same website. Apart from this, if you like to read educational, Islamic, opening, or any other type of novel. Then you can search on the same website and get it in PDF format. Many authors’ novels are not available for free on social media, but on paying money in the market, but on “NovelsLibrary.Pk” you can get any author’s novel and get it for free. If you have any thoughts after reading this article, So you should let us know your opinion.

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