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Mohabbat Ab Aur Nahin Novel By Maryam Jahangir

Mohabbat Ab Aur Nahin Novel By Maryam Jahangir Complete PDF

May 1, 20234 minute read

Famous and successful novelists famous and successful Mohabbat Ab Aur Nahin Novel By Maryam Jahangir is not available at every place to download Complete in PDF for free. But it’s possible at this place. You have to follow the link given below for both downloading and reading. So that if you want to download or like to read, then you can easily enjoy yourself.

Little About This Novel (محبت اب اور نہیں):

This story also focuses on a couple in love but the love is only in the beginning as this girl from a noble family and Aftab, a boy with a rich personality, starting up hating instead of loving. Because the boy forced the girl to get married without telling her family, but the girl only replied that if her family refused to accept her, then what will happen? But after falling deeply in love, it was very difficult for a very rich boy named Aftab to understand these deep words of this very noble girl. This is the reason that saying Mohabbat Ab Aur Nahin (محبت اب اور نہیں) becomes quite necessary due to the bitter words in both of them. And now the matter goes to such an extent that this girl tells Aftab that if you don’t listen to him, she will cut the vein from his arm with glass. This very amazing story novel can be read in full PDF format and can also be downloaded.

Mohabbat Ab Aur Nahin Novel By Maryam Jahangir Complete Novel Free

Clicking on the download link will not open any new tab, but when you click on another link to download, the Mohabbat Ab Aur Nahin Novel By Maryam Jahangir will be downloaded directly to your device. No more storage space is required nor any special device is required to download.

About This Novelist:

It was only after 2020 that people started liking Maryam Jahangir’s novels. The reason why this novelist was not liked in the first place was the lack of some important things in the writing style of Maryam Jahangir and the words of the writer were not affected much. But keeping the hope of success in her career, Maryam Jahangir continued her hard work and did not lose heart, thanks to which she is now a part of the list of famous novelists. If you look at the list of famous female novelists of Pakistan, you will see the name of Maryam Jahangir after 2020. If you read his novel, you will find out a lot that will make you recognize the facts.

Read Novel Online (Free)

This pure love-deprived novel will be downloaded in 15 Seconds with the help of Google Drive in PDF format. But after clicking on the link to read, a PDF file will open containing the complete novel which can be read without any registration or sign-up process.

Download In PDF (Free)


Novels of new novelists are being uploaded on this website regularly on a daily basis. So you should also download or read a new novel every day. Each novel presents a different picture because each novelist is an expert in writing on a different topic. Remember that any novel available on this novel website, be it big or small, we do not have a problem downloading because all the novels we have contain suitable MB, we don’t have to waste data from our device to download them and we are able to download them easily. Some novels are downloaded directly and some have media fire links. But when you become a user of “NovelsLibrary.Pk” then you will have no problem.

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