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Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

Mere Jeene Ki Wajah Novel By Tania Hashmi PDF Free Download

August 10, 20233 minute read

There can be no better novel than Mere Jeene Ki Wajah for people drowning in the ocean of deep love. People who are very serious and firm about love will get much more motivation from this novel. The story of this novel is also written about a loving couple who set an example of true love. Before reading the complete novel, you will also be informed about some short summary below which will give information about the purpose of the novel.

Little About This Novel (میرے جینے کی وجہ):

Tania Hashmi starts the novel with love and ends with love. People who are worried about their love will be fans of this novel. Not only a happy story of love, but the novel also highlighted the problems that make a couple lose their married life. A similar girl was mentioned who loved her beloved to such an extent that she was ready to face every new difficulty. But this guy doesn’t go that far. Whether there is a problem in society, family members, complaints from friends or any other problem, this girl would only value her lover and would remove every obstacle in her love life.

About This Novelist/Writer (تانیہ ہاشمی):

Tania Hashmi is becoming very famous for writing beautiful and successful novels, now many old novel readers also get her experience. It is not the work of every writer to create words that become popular among people in a short period of time. Most people like to read novels by writers who have been writing novels for a long time, but after 2022 many new writers entered the world of novels. And one of them is Tania Hashmi. You will be surprised to know that those who started the journey of writing novels this year became famous very soon. Surely you must have heard the name of Umera Ahmed, who is the most famous novelist in Pakistan Tania has also gained experience from Umera.

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