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Malal E Ishq

Malal E Ishq Novel By Arham Saleem Download In PDF

August 1, 20233 minute read

Malal E Ishq Novel is not written by only one author, but this novel is searched by the name of two different authors. One writer is Arham Saleem who is a male writer and another name is Iqra Riaz who is a female writer. But here you will find this novel written by Arham Saleem. Well, there is not much difference between the two because the story of both novels is quite similar to each other. Let’s go and know more.

Little About This Novel (ملال ے عشق):

There is a very important lesson in this novel for the readers, which had to be written because of today’s young generation. Many young people work hard to promote the false love of the world but they are unable to fulfill their dreams due to the problems of their society. By the way, changing one’s life into a married life is a very good decision, but the author has revealed the problems of society and the family due to which the boy and the girl cannot fulfill their dream of married life and finally the parents. If you are also suffering from a similar situation, then you must read this novel.

Malal E Ishq Romantic Novel By Arham Saleem

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About This Novelist/Writer (ارحم سلیم):

According to the statistics of 2023, this novelist has been writing novels for more than 3 years. He worked so hard in a period of three years, everyone was surprised. By the way, there are many writers who wrote novels that took more time to write novels than Arham Saleem, but they did not become famous as quickly. To find out the reason for this, many TV channels invited him to their show and then he explained the reason for his quick success and popularity to his hidden talent. Arham Saleem expressed his views that he was very interested in the subject of Urdu from the beginning and that is why his future was to be a popular writer of Urdu.

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