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Main Aur Tum By Zeenia Sharjeel

Main Aur Tum By Zeenia Sharjeel Read & Download In PDF

June 19, 20234 minute read

Recently the novel Main Aur Tum By Zeenia Sharjeel was completed and published on different platforms. As soon as this novel is published, it started selling at a high price in the market, but we have put it here to get it for free. Apart from downloading, the link to read this novel online is also available for free. Let’s go down and see. Read the article if you want to know about a novelist (زینیا شرجیل) or a brief summary of this novel.

Little About This Novel (میں اور تم):

There are two lessons in this novel by Zeenia. By reading this novel, we get knowledge about jealousy and the ins and outs of love. The story of this romantic novel Main Aur Tum describes the situation of a loving couple. A girl he loved had a young boy in her family who could not see the love between them. That is why the boy, out of jealousy, did such things to both of them and did such evil things, which started to add a part of hatred to the love both of them. Life reaches a point where they both get married but still. This boy who is the girl’s cousin is still busy trying to create misunderstandings between them so that they both forget their years of love. Start hating each other.

Apart from this, this novel by Zeenia Sharjeel also tells us that we should not destroy our house at someone’s request. As it happened in this novel, this couple made their life very difficult on someone’s advice and ruined the future of themselves as well as their children. There are links below to read and download this novel in full.

Romantic Novel Main Aur Tum By Zeenia Sharjeel Complete

This romantic novel contains a long story of about 260 Pages. You will benefit from reading this novel with comfort and understanding. If you want to download then you only need to come here once but if you want to read online then you will need to search for the novel again and again. In the case of online reading, you should stared this novel and then can easily read it whenever you want.

About This Novelist/Writer (زینیا شرجیل):

Zeenia Sharjeel is one of the famous novelists of Pakistan and she solves people’s problems by writing novels with her valuable words and highlights the problems that we see in our society. There are many problems in love due to which the loving couple does not reach their final destination and already family problems express such hopes which face negative results. Zeenia Sharjeel not only has experience like other novelists of old. But she also has education as she was studying at university where she started her writing journey. It is part of Zeenia Sharjeel’s hard work to extract valuable words from her vocabulary for many years and then introduce people to these valuable words. Download it or read it in PDF and share it with your friends.

Read Novel Online (Free)

From these links, you can download the novel on your device for free and save it forever. Downloading this novel is very easy (click and wait only 10 Seconds). There is no load on this novel yet and it does not contain many MBs.

Download In PDF (Free)

Note: Consult our team for any problem while downloading or reading the novel.


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