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Ishq E Haqiqi Novel By Areej Shah Download & Read Online

Ishq E Haqiqi Novel By Areej Shah Download & Read Online

March 13, 20233 minute read

If you are liked Islamic and profitable novels so then this Ishq E Haqiqi Novel By Areej Shah is the most related to you because in this novel explains the most durable and precious words that we get in the market after paying high cost around bound (600 to 900).

Little About This Novel:

In this novel, Arij Shah told and persuaded people about such love which benefits both in this world and in the hereafter. That is, God’s love! Nowadays, every young man is expressing his love for the girls of the world and many young men have sacrificed their innocent lives in the guise of this love, but they themselves embrace forbidden death and the girl lives her life peacefully. But in the novel containing these precious words of Arij Shah, you will be directly converted. All love deceives us, but true love, i.e. love with its creator, gives us benefits instead of deception.

You have seen that there are not many results to download and read Ishq E Haqiqi Novel By Areej Shah but as you find in every novel you can get every novel on this website for free. Download it or read it by just being through the internet. Both facilities are provided to you. Remember that here you don’t need to pay any money. (You can Explain your thoughts in the comment box).

About Novelist Areej Shah (اریج شاہ):

The list of known novelists with confidence and good writing skills has become quite large and yet it is quite difficult to join this list. But if a novelist, whether male or female, expresses his words in such a way that benefits people, then he can easily become a part of this list. You can also see that the readers have a lot of confidence in this novelist. Once you read this deeply worded novel with focus, you will automatically begin to appreciate the years of hard work and talent of this novelist.

Read Novel Online (Free)

One important thing to remember is that this novel is about 10 MB and we don’t think that any gadget device does not have that much MB because if we talk about old mobiles only then we would have needed that much MB easily.

Download In PDF (Free)


In the last words and thoughts, we recommend you to read this novel with attention (if you want to avoid the deception of love every day). Because nowadays every boy is disappointed because of the love of the world. Apart from this, if you want more novels, you can search on this website and get them for free.

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