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Ishq De Gunjal Itne Okhay By Rehana Sattar Hashmi

Ishq De Gunjal Itne Okhay By Rehana Sattar Hashmi Free In PDF

June 22, 20232 minute read

You may have read many straightforward titles before, but Ishq De Gunjal Itne Okhay By Rehana Sattar Hashmi seems quite different from the usual novels. It has a very tried and tested story behind it. This writer Rehana Sattar belongs to a family where are all members educated and his father is a professor. Let’s download/read the online novels and know very important information.

Little About This Novel (عشق دے گنجال اتنے اوکھے)

This novel known as Ishq tells us about cruelty before love. Often people with more money, i.e. landlords, oppress the poor people. A similar story will be read/known today in this Ishq De Gunjal Itne Okhay By Rehana Sattar Hashmi. The reason for the enmity of people with more money is mostly jealousy because if a common man gets more respect, he cannot live in this world. Try to go down and get the link provided for the novel.

About This Novelist/Writer (ریحانہ ستار ہاشمی):

Rehana Sattar recently published two novels together, which people paid huge money to buy. Now we see the name of Rehana Sattar among the famous Urdu women writers who gained a lot of popularity. Earlier, she was not very famous because earlier her novels did not have much impact from which people can benefit, but after a lot of hard work, she has become quite successful in her writing journey and has gained a lot of respect.

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Below you can see the link to another unique novel by Rehana Sattar Hashmi. As you know the summary about this novel and download it, the story of which feels quite tried is another similar novel by Rehana Sattar Hashmi below. Apart from this, if you want someone else’s novel or anything, search on the website or tell the team.

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