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Ik Teri Talab Novel By Malisha Rana

Ik Teri Talab Novel By Malisha Rana Free Download

May 30, 20234 minute read

After downloading Ik Teri Talab Novel By Malisha Rana for free you will get a sense of friendship with our site not only do we provide each novel for free as well as information about each novelist, and there is a summary of the novel. And the download method is also explained so that any that comes to this site who not worry.

Little About This Novel (اک تیری طالب):

A middle-class family has to face a lot of problems in their life, such a middle-class family has been mentioned by Malisha Rana in this novel. A boy who was living a good life with his parents suddenly went from a royal life to street life. How? One day suddenly this boy felt the alarm of his parents’ accident. This accident turned out to be such a big accident that both the boy’s mother and father died. It means that his parents became dear to Allah. But when the shadow of their parents rose from the boy’s head, he became lonely.

This was the situation when his relative members also seemed to leave him. But at that time the boy found a girl named Seerat who was willing to stand with him. Time passed and they both became good friends. The love between them had grown to a great extent and now it is with each other. They wanted to get married but there were many problems in getting married. As a big problem was the death of his parents. The life story of both of them is a very tear-jerking story to find out need to below. Because Ik Teri Talab Novel download and read online link are below.

Ik Teri Talab Novel By Malisha Rana In PDF

To know about this author please read the below paragraph if not then scroll and friend with the link and read the novel online or free download in pdf. The boy described in this novel now loses all hope of life. This novel is helpful in providing very important lessons.

About This Novelist/Writer (ملیشا رانا):

Telling about any novel of Malisha Rana cannot be a better introduction to Malisha Rana than this. As we talk about the same novel in which we get a tested story that not only evaluates the realities of life but also reveals the talent of Pakistan. This novelist is in the middle of the list of well-known and young novelists. New talent is also rising in Pakistan for writing novels. This novelist is a part of this list who is now preparing for the journey of writing novels after completing her studies. From the novel written by Malisha Rana, it is known that she will become a part of the list of famous novelists in Pakistan in the future. You should read his novel and express your opinion to us whether you also liked his novel and whether you will also be waiting for more of his novels.

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