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Humsafar Novel By Rida Khan Free Of Cost

August 12, 20234 minute read

Apart from those who live by making someone a companion in life, other people also liked this Humsafar Novel By Rida Khan. Rida Khan is the favorite writer of such people who do not think it good to live without any companion in life. By the way, she writes on other topics, but according to her interview, her expertise is in love-based novels.

Little About This Novel (ہمسفر):

Being a woman, Rida Khan narrated the painful story of a woman in this novel with great clarity and important lessons. A young girl who was facing difficulties in life instead of enjoying her life. But there was no other reason for the deterioration of this girl’s life. During his childhood, he faced abuse from his parents. The boy’s parents were hoping for a son, but when this girl was born, they were not happy at all, then from that day to this day, this boy could not get the love of his parents. This novel gives us a lesson that how people don’t think well of their children, especially the family that wants a boy does not give importance to a girl.

Along with the lesson of love, sadness is also a part of the story of this novel. Well, this girl endured the difficulties in life. But it is proved to be true, now he started to get happiness because he got an agreement to meet such a soul in his life who was good enough to be his life companion. As the name of this novel is also Humsafar and this novel is also exactly the same. Now proceed to download or read in full PDF format with great style.

Humsafar By Rida Khan

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About This Novelist/Writer (ردا خان):

It will not be wrong to call Rida Khan a new and reliable novelist. Yes, it does not belong to very old and experienced writers. Recently, I started writing a few years ago and then in a very short time I made people familiar with my words and told that the new generation also has a lot of talent. She writes novels in such a way that not only one gets interest in reading, but at the same time one falls in love with them from the heart and further makes one want to read their novels. In the above paragraph, you found out about the purpose of the novel, surely you would have liked the skills of this novelist better.

Read Novel Online (Free)

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Download In PDF (Free)


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