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Hazaron Khwahishen

Hazaron Khwahishen Novel By Aleem Ul Haq Haqi PDF Free

October 2, 20233 minute read

Thousands of people are waiting to get Hazaron Khwahishen Novel By Aleem Ul Haq Haqi in free PDF. As soon as any new novel is published, it turns to the market to collect money from people, but here in our market, you will get this novel for free like every other novel. If you are already connected with us then you will know about downloading and all important information if not then go below and get the link to read and download the novel. Also, you will be told how to download free novels so that you don’t have any difficulty.

Little About This Novel (ہزاروں خواہشیں):

The story of this novel is based on the life of a successful servant who dreams of becoming rich after spending his entire life in poverty. A boy named Akhtar is tired of the life of poverty and starts struggling hard at the age of 19 and focusing only on his condition. Finally, Akhtar reaches the position for which he has been working hard for a long time. Akhtar not only works hard but also makes many enemies in his life who are jealous of his successful life. Now Akhtar’s enemies become his friends to plot against him and start weakening the roots of his success.

Basically, this social novel is for those who are traveling to success and who are becoming quite successful in their journey. Many people who are not entrepreneurs are also interested in reading this novel. Let me tell you that this novel is not a modern novel but it was published in book form by Hashmi Composing Center in 1999. In particular, this novel is also a good example for the young generation who roam the streets of love. A large number of the young generation of Pakistan focus on love instead of their future in universities and colleges and are unable to fulfill their dreams.

Hazaron Khwahishen By Aleem Ul Haq Haqi Read & Download

About This Novelist/Writer (علیم الحق حقی):

Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi belonged to a respected and popular family from the beginning because his father Syed Amin-ul-Haq was a famous scholar and his grandfather was a famous poet. Due to his noble family, and his humility, every person knows him with great respect. All readers and writers know Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi and acknowledge him as their teacher. Apart from various dramas, he translated many English stories into Urdu and won the acceptance of readers.

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Above are some very famous novels of Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi and you will find many other novels besides them. Avoid buying the data of your desired and more other authors. If you are new then connect with us to save your budget and get all data free. We look forward to your feedback that you are happy with our freestyle.

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