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Gangster by Laiba Khan

Gangster by Laiba Khan Complete Novel Download In PDF

May 4, 20234 minute read

More people downloaded this Gangster by Laiba Khan than the normal routine, among which the number of young people was quite high. This novel is completely in line with the thinking and work of the young generation. And more than 17 Thousand only the youth downloaded it. Below is the link to download it and read it online.

Little About This Novel:

Gangster novel is also portraying a love affair in which a girl from a rich family becomes a boy’s desire at a glance due to her beauty and attraction. But the girl was far away from the boy due to money and fame. But the girl was not aware of what the boy had in his heart for me. This romantic novel became very popular in a very short time because this novel is reflecting the love and affection of today’s young generation. Nowadays, it has become difficult for our young generation to control the ability to fall in love quickly.

As you also know that today’s young generation falls in love with anyone in a single vow, in view of which Laiba Khan wrote this novel. His writing style is very beautiful. By going down you can gather enough information about this novelist. How is this novelist viewed in Pakistan?

Urdu Novel Gangster by Laiba Khan Free Download

Do you know that like Urdu Novel Gangster there is also a novel Gangster Love which is written by Iqra Khan? But this novel that is available here is not that, this novel is a novel written by Laiba Khan, which has been published only under the name of Gangster. Some people who did not know the author of this novel bought Gangster Love By Iqra Khan instead of this novel because these people did not know the name of the novel properly nor did they know the name of the novelist. But let me tell you that the PDF available here is the PDF of Gangster by Laiba Khan.

About This Novelist:

Laiba Khan takes a lot of interest before writing the novel. And they are expert enough to write novels for the young generation. Because Laiba Khan herself is a young girl and that is why she is able to write a novel like this very well. Because she, being a young person, expresses her words by feeling and understanding the thinking of today’s young generation very quickly. But Laiba Khan is not only an expert in writing love novels, but Laiba Khan has written many romantic, Islamic, and educational novels, which are not only enjoyed by young people but also by the elderly. He has also written very popular novels like The Devil, Drop Scene, and Ishqiyana. These novels can also be downloaded for free on the same website as PDF.

Read Novel Online (Free)

Many people related to “NovelsLibrary.Pk” are familiar with how to download novels from this website, if you also want information about downloading, you can get it. So let me tell you that when you make sure to click on the download link, you need to select the folder of your device in which device/gadget you want to read the novel after downloading it. And after waiting for 10 to 15 Seconds, come and check the same folder, the novel will be present in your gadget. It contains very few Mb so it will be very quick to download.

Download In PDF (Free)


Along with the novel for free, you also got a lot of important information from here. Surely your journey must have been quite good because here you are shown the journey of providing novels very easily. This novel is available on Facebook, if you want, you can also get it from Facebook and follow our Facebook page. By the way, novels are published daily on this website, which includes different novelists. As Laiba Khan and Aneeza Syed’s novel was published today, which was sought by thousands of Pakistanis. And similarly, even before that, the novelist whose novel was published was also one of the popular novels. Moreover, if you only want Laiba Khan’s novels, then you will get your wish fulfilled on this site.

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