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Deewangi Novel By Zeenia Sharjeel Complete In PDF

October 22, 20234 minute read

We hope you get this Deewangi Novel very quickly and easily from us and will be more happy. Remember that you write or read Urdu novels, and after coming here you are kept away from trouble. You may not get positive results like other people to get this novel for free but when you get associated with us then you can get every Urdu novel for free.

If you have received free novels from us before then you will be familiar with our appreciation and as always you can find out the summary of the novel before reading and downloading the novel online which is in the below paragraph. After judging the Deewangi Novel summary you should go below for the way of complete novel downloading.

Little About This Novel (دیوانگی):

From the summary of this novel, it is known that this novel is based on the call of the nests of love. Among the main characters, we find Ahmad and Nimra, in whose meeting a college plays a very important role. Both Nimra and Ahmed go to college for the purpose of studies, but after meeting, both are forced to turn to love. A cousin of Nimra wants to marry her under pressure and Nimra does not like him but, Nimra’s family pressures her to strengthen her relationship with her cousin. On the one hand, Ahmed convinces his family to marry Nimra so that he can promote his love in the form of marriage.

Valuing both love and relationship on the one hand, Nimra refuses to marry both of them. Read online or download to know more about what happens next in this novel. This novel is strung on the rope of very attractive words, that’s why those who read it want to read more novels by this author.

Deewangi By Zeenia Sharjeel Online Reading & Download

After reaching here, you will see the links below which are for the fans of the novel. Whether you are getting a novel online for the first time, you will also find a way to download it so that you can travel the easy way to get the novel.

About This Novelist/Writer (زینیا شرجیل):

Considering the fact that women have more experience in writing than men, after reading this novel you will know the truth of Zeenia Sharjeel’s appreciation. All the words you have collected in Zeenia Sharjeel’s services are valid as they are senior novelists. Zeenia wrote many novels, plays, stories, poems, and programs that were widely discussed and appreciated. Truly Zeenia is a very good writer with a unique style of writing, many people become her fans by reading one of her novels. Urdu writer Zeenia Sharjeel has proved to be an excellent first and last experience for all lovers. It’s very easy to download even then you should see method.

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How to Download Deewangi Novel In PDF?

  • Click On “Download In PDF” Link.
  • Go new tab and click on download.
  • Select your Mobile/Computer/Laptop in any device folder.
  • Type the name of your file.
  • Wait for just 10 Seconds.
  • See your device foder and start to enjoy.

Download In PDF (Free)


We find a clear mention of the complications and obstacles of human relationships in this novel. There are plenty of writers who write well on this topic, all of which we have available for free. Just like we gave you the romantic novel Dewangi to download and read for free. Similarly, Urdu novels written by various authors can be obtained from us for free. There are novels based on many themes in the library of Urdu novels, in which apart from serious novels there are also funny novels, and some people only like serious writing.

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