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Dajjal Complete Novel By Aleem Ul Haqi

Dajjal Complete Novel By Aleem Ul Haqi Free Download In PDF

May 27, 20233 minute read

Dajjal Complete Novel By Aleem Ul Haqi feel an Islamic category novel. Because in this novel is explain who peoples that does not follow Islamic education. By the way, Aleem Ul Haqi writes and publishes different novels but this novel is a very famous and powerful novel that is mostly read young generation. This novel is easy and can download in pdf for free from go below.

Little About This Novel (دجال):

Everyone has heard the name Dajjal, which is believed to be one of the signs of the Day of Resurrection. It should be remembered that this novel describes the origin of Dajjal in which we get a lot of knowledge as well as scary and suspicious moments. There are many people who are following Satan’s rejects, especially the young generation. Who are not aware of their eternal life and are rapidly becoming part of Satan’s group. You might be thinking that Muslims are described in this novel (دجال). But it is not, but all the characters in this novel around which this story revolves, all these characters belong to the Christian religion. This novel is very important for those who like mystery thriller stories because it is a novel for them.

Dajjal Complete Novel By Aleem Ul Haqi Read & Download

You have found the summary of Dajjal Complete Novel By Aleem Ul Haqi in the above paragraph. Of course, now you will be eager to know Dajjal’s complete story in Urdu. So below you can see some information about this writer and below that you get links to download and read this novel in full PDF. Which are completely free.

About This Novelist/Writer (علیم الحقی):

There are many lovers in the world of Urdu, including the beautiful name of Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi, who has been carving words to improve the beauty of Urdu. Until today, Aleem-ul-Haq Haqi has written a large number of novels and all the novels were not devoid of his experience, important lessons, and golden words. Not only those who like mystery-thriller stories are the guests of their fan forums. But they have experience in writing on the topics. Let me tell you that many young people were on the wrong path. But when they started reading the words of (علیم الحقی), then they started to improve. Today, if we look completely, it is known that millions of people believe in this personality because of his pure heart writing.

Read Novel Online (Free)

Both links are for you and now you can click and complete your need.

Download In PDF (Free)


Aleem Ul Haqi’s some novels are divided into episodes and therefore they are not available for free. But on this website, you can get all novels whether novels are available in episodes. You can see that people bought novels like Ishq Ka Ain, Alao, Gharonda, and Ishq Ka Sheen by paying money from the novel market but these novels were available for free on this website and are still available.

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