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Chashm E Ehsas E Num

Chashm E Ehsas E Num Novel Episode 2 By Farah Bukhari In PDF

September 5, 20232 minute read

Chashm E Ehsas E Num Novel is not finished yet because it contains different episodes, but only the second episode has been published. Thousands of people are connected with this novel and are reading it regularly if you are looking for the second full episode of this novel, then you are on the free download novels site. Below are two links for you to Read Online and Download Chashm E Ehsas E Num Episode 2.

Little About This Novel (چشم احساس نم):

This story is completely in accordance with today’s life because today the social and religious society of Pakistan is suffering from many problems due to which thousands of people’s houses have been destroyed and thousands of people are worried. Farah wrote this novel in a very good manner and advised us to end all these problems. A large number of the Urdu Community are fans of this author and respect her with great respect. Because her life was plagued with all these difficulties.

About This Novelist/Writer (فرح بخاری):

Farah Bukhari has immense experience in writing on various topics and attracting people with her talent. If you have ever read Farah’s novels before, then you will know very well that this is not a new writer but Farah Bukhari has been busy writing for a long time. Farah wrote on many digests and his novels were used in many plays that we see in our home. You read this novel of his and tell us then we will give you a summary of the moments connected with his life.

Read Novel Online (Free)

After the previous novel, our team received complaints about the novel containing more MB. So we compressed this novel and converted it to a very low MB so that everyone could easily download it.

Format: PDF

MBs: 2.17

Pages: 27

Download: MediaFire

Download In PDF (Free)


We have prepared this platform for free for those who are very interested in reading novels. If you are really interested in reading novels, then open the home page and browse a large library of Urdu novels. We have all kinds of novels available from all authors of Urdu. If you have downloaded this novel by Farah Bukhari, then you can share it with your friends.

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