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Buri Aurat Ki Katha Novel By Kishwar Naheed

Buri Aurat Ki Katha Novel By Kishwar Naheed PDF

June 28, 20232 minute read

Let’s get Buri Aurat Ki Katha Novel By Kishwar Naheed in pdf for free. This novel draws us to a very important lesson. You can save this novel on any device like a computer laptop.

Little About This Novel (بری عورت کی کتھا):

Famous female novelist Kishwar Naheed based this novel on a woman whom everyone used to worry about. This woman was married and was very worried about the condition of her house. Because there was a lot of starvation at this woman’s house, she was angry with everyone. Everyone would have liked to be far away from this woman so that he would not hear harsh words. The author wrote this novel with great clarity and invited the readers to a very important lesson. Apart from this, in this novel, we find many facts about society because this woman wanted to be independent, but due to some serious attitude of the society, this woman was also very angry.

About This Novelist/Writer (کشور ناہید):

Kishwar Naheed may be a new name for many novel readers but she is not a new novelist. Rather, she has been writing novels for a long time, but people were not aware of her skills for a long time, so she is a hidden star for many people. He has now started writing such words. If you are among those who are fond of reading novels, then you must read this novel so that you can add them to your favorite novelists and read novels full of important lessons. There are many beautiful writing stars in Pakistan, one of whom is Kishwar Naheed.

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Buri Aurat Ki Katha Novel By Kishwar Naheed is a very short and low MB novel thanks to which we can easily download it on any of our devices.

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