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Bheegi Palkon Par Novel by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

Bheegi Palkon Par Novel by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed PDF Download

May 5, 20233 minute read

After seeing the depth we find that estimated 29,343 people downloaded the most famous Bheegi Palkon Par Novel by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed online. But now many fans of Iqra Sagheer Ahmed have bought this novel for 900 rupees in the market because they do not aware of getting this novel online for free but now you can still download it for free.

Little About This Novel:

Bheegi Palkon Par Novel is not only about love, but in this novel, along with love, there is also a tested lesson of hate. Because there are three main characters in the story in which Pari and Tafarl express their hatred for each other because of the same love, but the third character is Sabahat who was known for his greed. The story also describes a girl who was forever estranged from her birth mother, that is, the girl’s mother died, after which she lived with her father’s second wife, her stepmother. But her stepmother hated her a lot.

But this girl does not develop hatred, rather she was patient with her stepmother’s hateful behavior, due to which time passed and instead of hatred, love started between the two. Whether you are old or young, old or young, this novel is worth considering for everyone and you will definitely like this novel. Because it has a lesson of love and hate for everyone.

Complete Bheegi Palkon Par Novel by Iqra Sagheer Ahmed

About This Novelist:

Being successful in the journey of writing novels for many years, till now Iqra Sagheer Ahmed has shared many of her novels with her fans, in which most of the novels were liked by women. And this novel, for the PDF of which you have visited this website, this novel is also a part of the famous novels of Iqra. Rather, now these novelists are writing more novels than before, because after the fame they got, Iqra increased their efforts. And started writing for the monthly digest due to which it became popular among more people.

In this appreciation of his novels, we tell you an important and amazing thing that our team includes women and you also know that women are very fond of reading novels. And our team member is also a fan of Iqra Sagheer Ahmed and our team member also waited for this novel and then downloaded it for free. There are links at the very bottom of this paragraph, you must be seeing them.

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