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Alif Novel By Umera Ahmed PDF Free Download

Alif Novel By Umera Ahmed PDF Free Download

March 16, 20233 minute read

If you want to know about the relationship between humans and Allah so then in this novel Alif Novel By Umera Ahmed you will get the difference and relationship between Allah and his man. Those who are interested in watching dramas know that a few years ago we also watch a drama on television in our homes, which was also called Alif. But this Alif is not that.

Little About/Summary This Novel:

In Alif Novel By Umera Ahmed, we are told the hidden realities between the true Allah and His servant that the word Allah also begins with Alif and the word Man also begins with Alif. In this one small word, we know the relationship between God and man. This Islamic novel is one of the most interesting novels, which contains useful lessons for Muslims.

Alif Novel By Umera Ahmed Online Reading & Download

This story begins with a boy who was far away from the love of Allah and the presence of Allah, and he used to put a letter in the letterbox near his house every day, in which he wrote a letter to Allah. He also doesn’t believe in Allah and is convinced that there is no Allah and that whatever exists is itself. This was the reason that he was getting far away from Allah due to his mindset with time. Although he had all the decorations in the world that everyone desires. He did not believe in Allah despite leading a good life. Believe that you will be very happy after reading this novel and will gain a lot of knowledge.

Little About Novelist (عمیرہ احمد):

If you try to know about this experienced Islamic novelist, you will find that there is a lot of sadness while narrating the story of this novelist. It means that the hard work and difficulties of this novelist to achieve success in his career are very high. After completing his primary education, he fell in love with writing and started developing his writing skills. If you also like the words of this novelist, you can share them with your friends on social media.

Read Novel Online (Free)

There are both ways to download and just read this novel full of real-time thinking. If you have visited with the intention of downloading or if you have visited only with the intention of reading due to the lack of storage space, then you will be able to fulfill your both intentions from here.

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