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Ableeka Novel By Aslam Rahi MA Complete PDF Free Download

September 22, 20233 minute read

Many famous Urdu novels are out of reach, Ableeka Novel is among such novels. At first, many people were worried about getting this novel for free, but when you come here, don’t worry. The reason why this novel is not available for free is its author, due to whose fame people are having trouble getting it for free. But you can see that below there are two links to read and download this novel. Thanks to this link you can easily download and read Ableeka Novel PDF for free.

Little About This Novel (ابلیکا):

Ableeka’s novel is not a romantic or social novel but an Islamic and religious novel. This novel will take us on a journey of difference between good and evil. The main character of this novel is not an ordinary person, but a very important person, Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him). This novel by Aslam Rahi MA will help us to know all the important things from the foundation of Islam to the end. Like every novel, this novel also has a basic purpose which is to make us aware of the orders of Islam. Many people were not aware of the history and reality of Islam, but those who read this novel got very important lessons and important information.

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Ableeka Novel By Aslam Rahi MA All Parts

About This Novelist/Writer (اسلم راہی ایم اے):

Often we like novelists for writing novels based on love, but this novelist has a lot of skill in writing such novels, thanks to which many people are connecting with Aslam Rahi MA for such novels. Anyone who likes to read novels based on spirituality, Islam, and religion should follow this writer as per our suggestion. Aslam Rahi MA is a very talented and experienced personality. Many men are also famous for writing Urdu novels in Pakistan, but now more people are trending towards Aslam Rahi MA. In the coming time, the fans of this writer will be ready to buy his writing.

How To Download:

Many people like to get such novels separately so that they can download episodes one by one. Considering your convenience, we have made this novel available here one by one. Easily get the parts you want separately and enjoy.

Download In PDF (Part 1)

Now Download In PDF (Part 2)

Download In PDF (Part 3)

Now Download In PDF (Part 4)

Download In PDF (Part 5)

Now Download In PDF (Part 6)

Download In PDF (Part 7)


To discover the quality of any novel, you can approach our team as a friend. At this time, many writers have written the best Islamic novels, among which this is the top novel. We have many other novels by this author available for free.

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