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Abdullah Novel By Hashim Nadeem

Abdullah Novel By Hashim Nadeem Download In PDF

April 17, 20233 minute read

Pakistan’s most famous novelist this most famous Abdullah Novel By Hashim Nadeem now will be downloaded free in pdf from here. By the way, it’s completely available in the market but the market has a demand for money that does not pay every, and therefore people come to this site for free.

Little About This Novel:

In the story of this novel (عبداللہ) by Hashim Nadeem, a person named Sahir falls into a love affair that deprives him of true and divine love. This story is a very rich and precious story. In the journey of love with this girl named Zahra, the boy named Sahir has to face many challenges. Which included difficulties as well as trials. Sahir is forced to think new thoughts due to the challenges that come in the middle of this journey. All this is guided by an old sage named Sultan Baba who deals with all this from his life experience. Go down and download this novel to read the full story of the journey of love.

Abdullah Novel By Hashim Nadeem Both Parts Download & Read Online

Many people like to read the words of trusted and famous novelists i.e. novels. And if you don’t like the novel of a common and new novelist and want to get acquainted with the experience of a famous person. Then you must read this novel by Hashim Nadeem. Of course, you will also be curious to read his novels. You can also get more of his novels in PDF format for free.

About This Novelist:

We do not have the words to praise Hashim Nadeem. People who have seen plays like Parizad know very well what skills Hashim Nadeem can possess. He has convinced people of his skills in the drama industry to such an extent that today Hashim Nadeem does not have time to write plays because he is very busy. Hashim Nadeem started his screenwriting career in the late 2010s and today after 13 Years of hard work, he has become very experienced and gives a great level of performance. Lux has awarded Hashim with many big talented prizes and one does not get these prizes very soon. This novel is also Hashim Nadeem’s favorite novel millions. Which people bought from the market at an expensive price in the beginning.

Read Novel Online (Free) (1+2)

Remember that both parts of this novel are available here. Whether you click on the reading link or the downloading link, you will get both parts in the same way. Now you don’t have to worry about finding both parts separately. Your work will be done easily here. Whether you want the first part of the second part.

Download In PDF (Free) (1+2)


If you like our presentation of Abdullah Novel By Hashim Nadeem, then you can leave a nice comment to encourage our entire team. If you face any difficulty in reading or downloading any part, please inform us i.e. the team of this website (through email), and see the face of success in getting rid of your difficulty soon. By the way, there is no such link or path that causes problems. We have chosen ways to provide maximum convenience to users connected to “NovelsLibrary.Pk”.

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