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Aankhon Mein Tere Dard e Aashnai Novel by Shazia Jamal Tariq

April 12, 20233 minute read

At consists of very reasonable MBs this Aankhon Mein Tere Dard e Aashnai Novel by Shazia Jamal Tariq is not required difficulty ways for download but is a very easy and single way. (Need to click on the link and the novel will be downloaded). There are links to it. Further, you can read this article to learn about this novel and the novelist.

Little About This Novel (آنکھ میں تیرے درد ای آشنائی):

In this novel, Shazia Jamal Tariq highlights some of the characters in love who started their journey to fulfill their love long ago but failed because it was not just the boy’s problems but the boy’s as well as the girl’s. She was also suffering from the problems that the boy was facing. By the way, if their love is considered, it is known that both of them ignored many things in their love, but with time, their families created problems due to which they could not complete their journey. One of the reasons was that this boy was not very rich and the girl belonged to a good family, similarly, the boy’s family also wanted to see the girl live in a good house. Now as time passed, the girl was also getting frustrated because she did not want to fight with her family members.

Aankhon Mein Tere Dard e Aashnai Novel by Shazia Jamal Tariq Download & Read

Need to little scroll to download and as well as get the link to only read online with the help of the internet. Below are two free links that are different but about this novel.

About This Novelist (Shazia Jamal Tariq):

By the way, Shazia Jamal Tariq acquired the best writing skills from her senior a long time ago. And his novels were liked by people for a long time, but he turned to the world of novels when he realized that he now I am fully prepared. That is when Shazia Jamal Tariq completely polished and honed her skills. Let me also tell you that this is really known because many novels of Shazia Jamal Tariq like Saza and Abi Kuch Phool Khilnay Hain are liked by a large number of people. The reason for this is that the novelist has written in such a style that people have not seen before.

Read Novel Online (Free)

You are now at the place where you have two links above and below which are related to this novel. One link above is for reading only and the other link is for downloading the novel.

Download In PDF (Free)

Shazia Jamal Tariq Some Famous Novels:

  • Saza
  • Barsy Ga Toot Kar
  • Abi Kuch Phool Khilnay Hain


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